Clean Engine’s Patented Solution

Don’t Go Changin’

Even the best of relationships sometimes have friction and, in most cases, that friction is manageable — unless it takes place inside of a heavy-duty engine.  In that case, any particulate over the size of say, three microns – the distance between a piston and a cylinder wall — can lead to a breakup of major proportions. The small particles is exactly why maintenance supervisors on land and sea make it standard operating procedure to change an engine’s oil regularly, even though filters, oil, tools, and labor all add up to significant ongoing costs.

But just a few short blocks from the San Pedro Bay Port Complex, one company — Clean Engine INC (CEI) — has a patented solution that dramatically reduces the need for costly oil changes, saving operators with trucks, vessels, cranes (or anything that operates with an engine and any type of fuel) both time and money.


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